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I'm looking for my Terres d'Oh !


Terres d'Oh, unspoilt nature!

 People seeking a peaceful natural environment in which to take a break will feel right at home in the Terres d'Oh! This haven of tranquillity has exceptional natural assets, protected by Natura 2000 and UNESCO nature reserves (link to Heritage page where the sites are listed). Visitors will be amazed at the wide variety of landscapes stretching across mountains, forests, wetlands, plains, orchards, hills, and lakes.

The Terres d'Oh! is an oasis of unspoilt nature, a genuine breath of fresh air, where you can focus on the essential things in life, away from the hustle and bustle.


The call of the wild

Greenery everywhere; seen from the sky, the Terres d'Oh! is amazingly verdant. Forests and woods cover the area, creating a genuine oasis of well-being.

The waterways and cycle trails are situated on the doorstep of the Northern Vosges Regional Nature Park. Classified as a "World Biosphere Reserve" by UNESCO, it is home to a wide variety of plants and wildlife. In the heart of this Reserve, you can enjoy hiking, climbing, walking, cycling or mountain biking.



The "Oh!" moment

The Northern Vosges Regional Nature Park:

- Winner of the Excellence Award of the Eden "Tourism and protected spaces" competition.

- The only French destination in the "Best of wandern" (best hiking) network.


See wildlife up close

Visitors to the Terres D'Oh! have a rare opportunity to see wildlife up close, whether by chance during a walk through nature or at the Animal Park in Sainte-Croix.

The rich diversity of species can be seen in summer or winter, during the day or at night.

In the parks, farms, ranches and by the lakes, both young and old will enjoy observing the area's wildlife in their natural habitats. Sometimes, walkers even get a fleeting glimpse of protected species such as the lynx or little owl. In silence, stop and take in the wonderful sights.

 Cerf Parc animalier Sainte Croix © Parc Sainte Croix


A breath of fresh air in the Terres d'Oh!

Breathe in the pure air, in the middle of a clearing, on the gentle plains, in the forests and by the lakes. The surrounding biodiversity awakens the senses and takes you back to nature.

On the banks of the lakes, you can fish, sunbathe or picnic. On the water, you can go sailing, try water skiing or canoeing. On the trails, you can go walking, cycling or mountain biking.

Along with all these activities, you should especially remember to relax!





When the warmer days arrive, the lakes and ponds of the Terres d'Oh! are open for fishing enthusiasts.

Quite unique in France, the fishing spots on lakes and rivers or canals cater for every kind of fishing.




Visitors can rest assured about the quality of the water in the Terres d Oh! Engaged in a process of environmental excellence, Sarreguemines has held the Pavilllon Bleu label for more than 15 years. The Regional Agency for Health, which monitors the quality of bathing water in natural settings, ranks several lakes in the Terres d'Oh! as "excellent" (E).



In the Terres d'Oh!, you can disconnect from the day-to-day life and reconnect with nature, your body and your mind.

At Center Parcs "Les Trois Forêts", you will enjoy moments of pure happiness with family or friends in the heart of a vast pine forest. Outdoor activities, indoor water slides, farmyard excursions and more....Unforgettable memories guaranteed for all the family!