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Your own Terres d'Oh! experience

A corner of France with an easy-going way of life.

The Terres d'Oh! is an area that plunges nature lovers into a world of green and blue hues.

People come here to relax, explore the cities and villages, discover the amazing variety of flowers, plants and wildlife, or simply marvel at the beauty of nature.


A journey in the heart of Europe

Located in the east of France, near the German border next to the Northern Vosges Regional Nature Park and the Lorraine Regional Nature Park, the Terres d'Oh! invites visitors to get close to nature during their stay.

Here is where the Canal de la Sarre and the canal linking the Marne to the Rhine meet. Both canals are connected to a network of waterways with remarkable structures: bridges, tunnels, inclined plane (boat lift), locks, dams, reservoirs and lakes.





Boating on the waterways...

What could be more enjoyable than discovering the wide variety of landscapes and travelling at your own pace on the waterways between Lorraine and Alsace?

To experience the Terres d'Oh! to the full, you can enjoy the pleasures of boating through the area for a day, a weekend or a week.

From time to time, you can stop over at a riverside dock or a marina to set off across this beautiful region to visit its castles, discover its wildlife, walk through its forests, go cycling or mountain biking, spend a day at the water park, taste some local dishes or do various other leisure activities with the family.

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The "Oh!" moment

- The Terres d'Oh! welcomes nearly 9,000 boats a year

- There are 14 marinas along the Sarre and Marne-Rhine canals

- 10 recharging terminals for electric boats in Terres d'Oh!

- The canal from the Marne to the Rhine is 314km long, including a 45km stretch in Terres d'Oh!

- The Canal de La Sarre is 76km long, and the Eurovélo 5 cycle trail (EV5) runs alongside the entire canal

- The cycle trail of the Marne-Rhine canal is 55km long



 It is time to travel differently!

Gently, quietly, calmly ... In the Terres d'Oh!, people take their time when travelling, they relax and recharge their batteries. By using soft transport means, you get back to basics, while enjoying great sensations.

Whether with family, friends, alone or in a couple, the cycle trails along the banks of the waterways take cyclists on circuits that cater for every level. Those who like walking will enjoy the many circuits that take you across prairies, forests and mountains.

Randonneurs © OT Alsace Bossue

New horizons

Exploring the Terres d'Oh! also means meeting new people, opening up to diversity, different cultures and discovering a rich history. The people who live in the Terres d'Oh! love to welcome visitors and share their stories about the area. The local tourism professionals are constantly looking to provide new ideas and packages. There are people from all over Europe who come boating in the Terres d'Oh! and strike up friendships which last through the years.


The Terres d'Oh! will make you feel right at home, and even more free!